This is a little project started from few passions I've had since a child. I grew up in Australia in the 90s and was the type of kid who'd wake up every morning 6 am and ran home 4 pm to binge watch cartoons and all sorts of anime I could find or rent (pre-Netflix times).  I would record tv shows and try and sketch some of my own characters and comics and eventually, I grew up, got a job and got busy.

In 2016 I visited a few Etsy markets in Sydney🐨,  went to Japan🍣...somewhere along all that I got incredibly inspired by the kawaii surroundings I found myself in. Oh...at the same time Apple made an iPad you could draw on and so I rekindled with my passion in drawing cute random things again. ✏️

Outside of day dreaming about what to have for lunch or dinner you'll find me drifting away thinking about what whacky things I can mashup or the cheesiest puns I can conjure. 🤓

Everything you see in this digital space of mine I call Pop Coucha celebrates the inner child in us and the fandoms we are apart of. So I hope my work spreads a smile to you or whoever you gift to. 😊 

We pop up here and there at cosplay/gaming/anime conventions with artist alleys! For now in Australia but one day around the world.

Here's to the fandoms & geek out with pride️‍🌈 !




Pikachu Pokemon Store Centre Center at Japan Tokyo Solomachi Tower